Narrative and Artistic Films
My roles in this film were: director,  cinematographer, and editor.
I did this my fall semester of Freshman year and really enjoyed cutting the film together so much so that I decided to then take Photo I which was 35mm photography.
Spring 2020 Cinematography Final  
This was a solo project that I did for my Cinematography class when classes went online due to covid in Spring 2020. Creating this short film was actually really difficult due to social distancing. The final product is actually a combination of footage from several different ideas I had.
Edited on Adobe Premiere and filmed on a Canon EOS 6D and iPhone 8Plus
This is a scripted documentary set in Connecticut done in Fall 2022 for my Advanced Documentary Class.
My roles in this film were: editor, script writer, and actress. This film was edited and color-graded on DaVinci Resolve

This was a solo project I did for my Directing class during the pandemic. I learned a lot and would love to one day make this again with a crew of more than just one.
It's a scripted documentary that tells the story of a local murderer, Daniel LaPlante. I hope to make "New England Nightmares" a docu-series and its signature will be the female narrators, as I want to  to increase female representation within the documentary world.
I edited this on Adobe Premiere Pro and color graded it using DaVinci Resolve.
This vide is an essay Style Documentary which was created for my Intermediate Documentary class in Fall of 2019.
My roles in this film were: co-producer, co-editor, narrator, and writer. The film was edited on Avid.
Another documentary I have worked on is "AI Takeover" where we interviewed someone who worked in the tech industry. The documentary was finished December 2019 for my Intermediate Documentary class. The documentary breaks down what AI is and the pros and cons of AI through interview questions, found footage, and movie visuals of AI gone wrong.
password is "tatiana"
This documentary was done my freshman year of college. My role in this film was director and producer.
 The goal of this documentary was to try and talk a little bit about the history of Irish Dance and also to try and understand through the perspective of dancers, why the tradition perseveres?

Color Grading
During my spring 2021 semester, I was given the opportunity to color grade my classmate's short film "Friend-iversary". It is the first film I have ever color graded. I used DaVinci Resolve to color grade.
Over the course of the film you'll notice the accent colors change ever so slightly. When the two friends are together and enjoying each other's company we have a bluer tint. When Emma enters the story she contributes to a rift that is building between the friends and so there is a redder tint. In the end we go back to a blue tint because the conflict has been resolved, the friends are no longer fighting, and Emma has left.
After color grading Friend-iversary, I decided to color grade my own short film. I used DaVinci Resolve to color grade.
I kept it simple (in comparison to Friend-iversary) and went for a desaturated old film look. As the film has a darker theme and topic, I didn't want to keep the shots bright, I wanted them to enhance the somewhat creepy vibe that the script gives off.
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